Support Popular Word Processors (Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, WPS)

NoteExpress not only supports the most popular Microsoft Office Word 2003, 2007 and 2010, but also is compatible with OpenOffice Writer and WPS. You don’t have to worry switching your familiar word processer to use NoteExpress.

Import PDF and other files to NoteExpress and Update bibliographies

If you have stored large numbers of PDF or other types of electronic papers before using NoteExpress, you can import and manage these documents through NoteExpress efficiently. With update modules of NoteExpress, you can build your references database quickly.

Open Multiple Databases

If you need to switch among multiple databases, the multiple-opening module of NoteExpress will improve you research efficiency. You can also browse and operate under the database tree structure in the left pane.

Backup database automatically

If you are working on an important research project and worrying much about the security of the database, you may need to backup your database frequently. With NoteExpress, you will be freed entirely from this tedious and repeating work. You can set NoteExpress to backup automatically when open or close your database. Surely, you can also backup manually at any time you require.

Download Full-text Paper

If you import many references into NoteExpress and need to download the corresponding full text papers after reading these records, you can download them directly in NoteExpress. Note that you must first contact your university or institute library to confirm that you have the permission to login into the website of the subscribed electronic online Database provider.

User Folders (visual folders)

If your database contains many references records and you pile them under the default folders, your research efficiency will be hampered! In NoteExpress, you can create your own folders to categorize the references.

Marking Systems

When reading and managing references, you may need to take notes for further reading or research. NoteExpress provides multiple marking systems, such as star and lable, for you to mark your references.

Tag Cloud

When reading and managing references, you may find that you need more flexible ways to manage references besides the marking systems. In NoteExpress, you can choose the most popular way of web 2.0 websites—tag to mark and manage. You can quickly find targeted references by defining different tags.


When you read your reference records and require taking notes, you can directly note them down in NoteExpress. NoteExpress will automatically create notes tree structures according to your visual references folders. In addition, NoteExpress supports images, tables and equations in notes.

Batch edit and modify

If you need to link many references records in NoteExpress to PDF documents stored in your computer, you can add manually or choose “batch link attachment” to manage efficiently. Additionally, you can adopt “batch edit or replace” when you want to modify any or some records.

Customize NoteExpress

Our development engineers are ready to provide flexible and immediate research support. We also provide customized edition of NoteExpress to any of our purchased institutes or libraries to improve efficiency in their subscribed electronic database.