NoteExpress: Your ideal research management software!

NoteExpress : Your ideal research management software!

NoteExpress provides you a flexible, powerful and complete solution to efficiently manage your references, publications, and research documents.

With just a few clicks, you can use NoteExpress to generate or switch between standard APA, MLA, and thousands of other citation formats in your thesis or papers, either in Microsoft Word format, OpenOffice Writer or WPS format, completely freeing you from those time-consuming, error-prone and boring tasks and allowing you to focus more on your research and paper. More features >>

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What NoteExpress Can Do:

Research process involves paper-reading, reference-searching, thinking, discussing, & paper-writing. Putting them together, we may have these five types of tasks: searching, managing, analyzing, discovering and writing. No matter what your major work is, you will realize what a powerful tool NoteExpress could be and improve your research efficiency.

Retrieving references from popular database in NoteExpress, or importing exported records from any online database

Organizing your references with user folders, marking with tags or stars, batch attaching documents, and dozens of other powerful modules available

Analyzing your references to get an impression of your personal library in author, publication year, keywords etc

Browsing your references in NotExpress and taking notes of any ideas you just come across while reading

Generating standard APA, MLA styles into your paper or switching between thousands of other ciation formats with just a few clicks

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