NoteExpress is a highly flexible documents and research information management system. Customers of lots of quite different research fields, even of enterprises, can finally find their own way to take full advantage of all management modules of NoteExpress. We will highlight two distinct user environments, i.e. academic and enterprise, and a comprehensive comparision table with other popular reference management softwares:

1. Highlighted Features for Academic Users

Multi-Word Processors Support

NoteExpress supports the most popular Microsoft Office Word 2003/2007/2010, OpenOffice Writer and WPS as well.

PDF or other files Import

You can import PDF or other formats of documents into NoteExpress and manage them efficiently.

Automatical Backup

You can manually backup or set NoteExpress to backup automatically when opening or closing your database.

User Folders

You can create your own folders in NoteExpress to orginaze your references.

Research Notes

You can directly take notes in NoteExpress. NoteExpress supports images, tables and equations in notes.

Marking Systems

NoteExpress provides multiple marking systems, such as star and lable, for you to mark your references.

Tags Cloud

You can choose tag to mark and manage your references. With tags, you can quickly find your references.

Full-text Paper Download

You can download available full text papers directly in NoteExpress just by a click.

2. Highlighted Features for Business Users

Manage Documents

NoteExpress supports many formats of attachments, such as PDFs, Word docs, videos, etc.

Manage Addresses and Numbers

NoteExpress supports several customized fields and can be used as your address book.

3. Comparisions of NoteExpress with Other Major Reference Management Softwares

  NoteExpress Endnote RefMan Biblioscape Mendeley Zotero
Built-in Online Search    
Full-text Download        
Import PDF and Other Files        
Browser References Catch Partly supported or limited  
Find Duplicates    
User Folders  
Refeferencs Priority        
Tag Clouds    
Batch Add Attachments          
Attachment Manager          
Multiple Rules Sorting        
Open Multiple User Database      
Batch Edit and Replace          
User Database Analysis          
BibTeX Support
Journal Manager          
Rich Format Notes
Notes with Image, table, and Formula          
User Output Styles    
User Database Backup      
User Database Sharing  
Microsoft Word Support
OpenOffice Writer Support    
WPS Support          
Manuscript Templates        
Figure, Table & Formula Management          
Footnotes and Endnotes    
Insert Reference Notes to Manuscript        
Software Themes          
Multi-Language Format          
COM Server Support          

Notes: Fully Supported; Partly Supported.